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The protection and wise management of wild spaces and protected areas throughout Alberta has been AWA’s vision for more than 50 years.

Our vision is for the Wild Spaces shown on this map to remain wild – forever. Some of these areas are essential cores that require protection to complete a provincial protected areas network. Other Wild Spaces may function as corridors or transition zones, and still others require sound management to achieve the working landscape ideal, where economic development is integrated with conservation and stewardship objectives.

Take a moment; click through to explore each of Alberta’s Natural Regions, their current protected areas (in green) and AWA’s proposed areas for conservation (our Areas of Concern, in Gold).

Sources: Alberta Wilderness Association, 2019, Alberta Environment and Parks, 2019. Contains information licensed under the Open Government Licence – Alberta.

Navigating tips:

Natural Region: Click on a Natural Region to find out more information about its current status, to view protected areas and AWA’s Areas of Concern.
Area of Concern: Click on an area of concern (in gold) to learn about it. Select “Learn more” to visit the webpage for an Area of Concern.
Reset the map: Reset the map by clicking the button in the bottom left corner.

Download a PDF copy of AWA’s Wild Alberta map here (8.4MB PDF)

AWA dedicates this map and the work we do related to mapping Alberta’s Wild Spaces to the memory of our dear friend and colleague Herbert G. Kariel.  Herb was a long time supporter and on his passing left AWA a generous bequest.  Our work producing  maps of Alberta’s wild spaces helps all of us learn more about our land and its geography and the vision for protected vital landscapes that Herb held dear.

We have spectacular wilderness in Alberta, much of it under some form of protection. Every square millimetre of it has had to be fought for - will always have to be fought for, forever and ever. The struggle to retain and repair wilderness is conducted not just by a few individuals, but by large numbers of committed people, from all walks of life, all working in various ways toward the same end. We need to be grateful to all of them.
- Dave Mayhood
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