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Kids Citizen Science

Alberta is home to diverse environments and within those environments
live diverse species that depend on each other to thrive.

The goal of the Kid’s Citizen Science Series was to bring awareness to some of those environments and species through an on-line forum that would give children, and their families, a sense of knowledge and empowerment to make a difference in the world we live in.  From Snowflakes to Iinnii, these Citizen Science Adventures highlight a book, an activity and a way to become a citizen scientist who can have a positive impact on Alberta’s natural world. Many items in each classroom are interactive and fun to click on, explore to learn more.

When citizens and their representatives in government fail to place a high value on wilderness as a resource in itself, then its disappearance – especially in reasonably accessible locations – is swift and certain.
- Bruce M. Litteljohn and Douglas H. Pimlott, “Why Wilderness?”, 1971
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