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AWA hosts events of all types throughout the year and throughout the province.

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November 18, 2022

AWA’s 2023 Annual Martha Kostuch Wilderness and Wildlife Lecture and Awards Evening

Join us for an evening of celebration and learning in November for the annual Martha Kostuch Wilderness and Wildlife Lecture and Awards Evening.

We are pleased to announce our guest lecture will be presented by Dr. Leroy Little Bear, a Blackfoot researcher, and professor emeritus at the University of Lethbridge.

He is also a founding member of Canada’s first Native American Studies Department and is a recognized leader and advocate for First Nations education, rights, self-governance, language and culture. He’s received the Officer Order of Canada, the Alberta Order of Excellence, and numerous other awards and recognition for his work.

AWA’s annual Martha Kostuch Wilderness and Wildlife Lecture is sponsored by the Alberta Wilderness and Wildlife Trust Fund, and is an opportunity for individuals to present the ideas of researchers in a field related to the conservation of wilderness. AWA invites speakers for our Martha Kostuch Annual Wilderness and Wildlife Lecture, to challenge AWA to seek new directions and ways to increase its effectiveness.

This will be a hybrid event, with an in-person and virtual attendance option. Attendance online is free, in person tickets are $75.

AWA looks forward to hosting friends, members and supporters at our Hillhurst Cottage School in Calgary. Those who are unable to join us in person and choose to watch the evening’s presentations virtually will be sent a link to the Zoom event for the lecture.

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November 28, 2023

BOOK TALK Streams of Consequence: Dispatches from the Conservation World

Time: Nov. 28, 2023 @ 7 p.m.
Location: AWA Office: 455 – 12 St. NW Calgary, AB T2N 1Y9
Price: By Donation

Join AWA for an evening with author and biologist Lorne Fitch as he launches his new book Streams of Consequence: Dispatches from the Conservation World.

Streams of Consequence weaves together a bit of “ecology for dummies,” a cross-section of stories and essays on Alberta’s biodiversity riches and treasured landscapes, and a backdrop of selections on conservation issues. These are stories of the land and of Alberta’s plants, fish, and wildlife told through the voice of a biologist with decades of experience on the front lines of conservation efforts. Through stories, metaphor, and allegory, basic ecological principles are made clear, ecosystems are described, and our human role in stewarding these natural treasures is revealed.

Infused in these “dispatches from the conservation world” is the special magic of biology, taking mute organisms at a variety of scales and understanding their lives and habitats so that they have meaning and a connection to us. The role, the unstated objective of biologists, is to remind us, unceasingly, that it is only in our minds that we live apart from the natural world.

These stories have power to engage and educate, to help create and sustain an ecologically literate constituency that knows and cares about Alberta’s wilder side. Readers can look back on the changes, weigh their significance, and think about where we came from, where we are today, and where the trend might take us if we choose one road or another.

There are some rocks heaved at our economy-centred, consumer-driven world. Scattered between them are the acts of altruism, of caring, of forethought, and of stewardship. These are rays of hope amid dark clouds threatening our very existence.

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December 5, 2023

Canadian Prairies Prescribed Fire Exchange Presentation

Time: Dec. 5, 2023 @ 7 p.m.
Location: AWA Office: 455 – 12 St. NW Calgary, AB T2N 1Y9
Price: By Donation

Join AWA for a night with the Canadian Prairies Prescribed Fire Exchange, an inter-agency collective established to increase capacity for knowledge sharing and training surrounding the use of prescribed fire as a management tool in Canadian prairie and parkland ecosystems.

More information to come!

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Wilderness is not – and should not be – a past and vanishing force in life. It is, as far as anyone can see into the future in our rapidly changing and uncertain world, an abiding value.
- George Marshall
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