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AWA hosts events of all types throughout the year and throughout the province.

September 25, 2016

Steveville Badlands Hike

Steveville Badlands (48 km NE Brooks)

For this hike, participants will be visiting the Steveville Badlands, a rarely visited area of the Dinosaur Provincial Park.  Located northwest of the traditionally visited Deadlodge Canyon (48 km NE of Brooks), the badlands have iconographic topography, geology, palaeontology, and flora and fauna.  Riparian, grassland, and badland ecologies will be discussed, as well as the palaeontology…

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October 4, 2016

Edmonton Talk Oct 4: Protecting our Headwaters: Alberta’s Bighorn Wildland

Jackson Power Electric Ltd.
(9744 – 60 Avenue, Edmonton)

Joanna Skrajny from Alberta Wilderness Association leads visitors on a virtual tour through the unspoiled beauty of Alberta’s Bighorn Wildland, whose springs and creeks form the headwaters of the North Saskatchewan River. Along the way she will discuss the process and results of a long term project to monitor the environmental state of the North…

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October 15, 2016

Music for the Wild: Natasha Sayer and Christie Simmons

AWA Hillhurst Cottage School (455 12 Street NW, Calgary)

Headline Act Natasha Sayer Songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Natasha Sayer has been writing music since she was a very young girl. In the opening track of her new album “Notes to Self”, Natasha remembers composing melodies, imagining notes dancing between ‘Telephone Pole Barlines’ on epic car rides to Saskatchewan around the age of six.  She…

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October 18, 2016

Calgary Talk: Bison Restoration in Banff National Park

455 12 Street NW, Calgary

Bison Restoration in Banff National Park with Karsten Heuer, Bison Reintroduction Project Manager for Banff National Park Parks Canada will begin reintroduction of the extirpated plains bison into Banff National Park this winter. Much research and preparatory work has been undertaken in the last year and the Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment for the 5-year pilot…

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October 22, 2016

Edmonton Autumn Splendor

Snow Valley Ski Club (13204 45 Ave NW, Edmonton) www.snowvalley.ca

Join us for mouthwatering food  in the Fall Coloured Snow Valley to Celebrate another successful year! There will be Food, Entertainment, Mingling, Updates from AWA Board Members, Auction and Raffle Fun! Come Celebrate with New Friends and Old!  

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