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Publicly Traded Securities

Gifts of Publicly Traded Securities

During 2006 the Federal Government introduced tax incentive opportunities for individuals who give publicly traded securities and mutual funds to charities. When you give a gift of publicly traded securities to Alberta Wilderness Association you will eliminate the capital gains tax you would have paid in the past. If you own stocks or mutual funds that have grown in value, you can reduce your personal taxes and make a significant charitable tax-receiptable gift at the same time. Some brokerage houses will forego the fees for such charitable transactions – saving you even more.

The transfer of securities is easily handled by your broker and is done electronically. Just contact us (Ian Urquhart, Executive Director at (403) 283-2025 or for the details you will require for your broker to make the transfer to Alberta Wilderness Association’s brokerage account. A charitable receipt is issued for the value of the securities at close of the market on the day the gift is transferred to AWA.

Your gift will make such a difference to our wilderness legacy during your lifetime.

Download the Gift of Public Securities to AWA Form

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