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Adventure for Wilderness – Nature Sketchwalk at St. Patrick’s Island – A Jane’s Walk

May 5, 1 p.m.
St. Patrick’s Island

Do you like to draw? Do you like nature? Grab some colored pencils and paper and join kid book illustrator & author Carolyn Fisher and Alberta Wilderness Association conservation specialist Kennedy Halvorson at St. Patrick’s Island for 2 hour walk with frequent stops to sketch. All ages and levels of experience welcome. Kids must be accompanied by an adult.

For this nature sketchwalk, we’ll sketch to observe the way that nature and humans live side by side in the middle of the city. And we’ll talk about how waterways shape our land and our lives. We’ll jot our impressions, practice drawing techniques, play creative games, and feed our imaginations while taking a leisurely wander through St. Patrick’s Island park in the Bow River. At the end of the walk, we’ll stroll across the bridge for treats at a local coffee shop.


  • Sketchbook if you have it; or a handful of paper, like 20 sheets. It doesn’t matter what kind of paper it is, it could be blank or lined or colored.
  • A hard surface to set your paper on, like a clipboard or a hardcover book or a piece of cardboard.
  • Colored pencils or colored Sharpies or markers or felt pens or highlighters, whatever you happen to have.
  • A jacket or tarp to set on the ground to sit on.
  • Hat, water, sunglasses, extra clothing layers, rainjacket (you can sit on it or use it for rain), sunscreen.

The meeting location for this walk will be shared with registrants prior to the walk. Please note that participants who drive to the meeting location should be prepared to pay for parking.

Click here to register on the Jane’s Walk website

There is an urgent need to engage people with nature. All aspects of it. Not just the pretty bears and cute snakes. Also the realities of it, the death, struggles, and pain. Not only are people losing touch with nature, they are losing touch with the realities of nature.
- Clayton Lamb, January 2018
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