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Immersed in the Southern Alberta Grasslands with Gus Yaki

September 1, 2017

Wildlands Advocate article by Angela Waldie, PhD

For three glorious weeks this spring, my days were framed by movement and discovery. Rather than sitting at my desk, I spent my time walking across pastures, through nature reserves, along  gravel roads and hiking trails with a group of fellow wanderers. I had met most of my traveling companions only a few weeks earlier. Mostly amateur birders and botanists, we shared a desire to learn more about the species of southern Alberta. We also shared a deep respect for the knowledge
and dedication of our guide, Calgary-based naturalist Gus Yaki. PDF of article

There is an urgent need to engage people with nature. All aspects of it. Not just the pretty bears and cute snakes. Also the realities of it, the death, struggles, and pain. Not only are people losing touch with nature, they are losing touch with the realities of nature.
- Clayton Lamb, January 2018
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