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Hidden Scourge: Exposing the Truth about Fossil Fuel Industry Spills – Dr. Kevin P. Timoney

June 30, 2022

Wild Lands Advocate article by: Jim McPhail

Click here for a pdf version of the article.

Do you enjoy a pleasant read at bedtime to ease you to a peaceful sleep? Hidden Scourge is NOT one of those books! As the book’s title suggests, you are in for a deep-diving investigative book, one which will roil your guts with fear, shock and outrage. It requires knowledge of sciences, statistics, governance, information management, history, and policy and covers two provinces, one territory and two states. Dr. Timoney is a senior ecologist, living in Alberta. His award-winning book The Peace-Athabasca Delta: Portrait of a Dynamic Ecosystem, established his bona fides for science and scholarly writing. It focuses in part on how exploiting Alberta tar sands has damaged the ecosystem.

I needed something to pare the fat off my soul, to make me grateful again for being alive. And I knew… There is nothing like a wilderness journey for rekindling the fires of life.
- Colin Fletcher
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