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ENGO Letter on Alberta’s Draft Provincial Caribou Range Plan

January 17, 2018

Six environmental groups outline minimum requirements for Alberta caribou range plans to be considered complete, including:

1. All proposed conservation areas have been officially designated as Wildland Provincial Parks, with the appropriate phase-out of existing dispositions and prohibition of new dispositions.
2. For each specific range, restoration targets and mechanisms have been set for each 5-year period until all legacy anthropogenic disturbance has been formally deemed restored.3. A Regional Access Management Plan has been prepared, reviewed, and approved for each specific range.
4. For each specific range, Alberta Environment and Parks, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Alberta Energy and the Alberta Energy Regulator, have prepared tenure rules, annual allowable cuts, joint development and zonation plans that demonstrate how and when the 65 per cent undisturbed threshold will be achieved in 50-70 years.
5. For each specific range, maps are prepared for a series of 10-year periods demonstrating how the restoration, access and development, and zonation plans referred to above will achieve the 65 per cent undisturbed threshold within 50-70 years.
6. Every requirement of the provincial range plan and specific range plans are encoded in enforceable statutory provisions.

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