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Cub reporter: Sleeping under the Stars

September 12, 2022

Wild Lands Advocate article by: Kasha MacDonald

Click here for a pdf version of the article.

Escaping to wild places is one of my favourite things to do. Lucky for me, I live close to the Rocky Mountains with endless adventure opportunities. In the summertime, I love to hike and backcounty camp in Kananaskis. Heart Mountain is a fun day trip with a scrambly route where you need your hands and feet to get up the rocks. Another favourite spot is hiking up to Rawson Lake and around Upper Kananaskis Lake. Spending time in nature, away from the busy city, helps me feel connected to my family. As we hike up to new camping spots to explore, I breathe in the crisp air and keep my eyes peeled for signs of wildlife.

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