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Chronic Wasting Disease is out of Control

February 1, 2016

February 2016 Wild Lands Advocate article by Joanna Skrajny

If you’ve grown up in Alberta I can guarantee you know somebody that hunts. For me, that somebody is my father. Our family has a long history of enjoying the outdoors and our history includes foraging and eating food that nature provides us with. Although I never hunted myself, I have had plenty of experience with foraging and fishing. As a kid, I cherished these trips and treated mushroom picking as an extreme game of hide and go seek. As I got older, I grew to realize that those long car trips to go fishing or foraging were just another excuse to spend a day together as a family outside. It was (and still is) humbling to go into this expansive wilderness and realize just how vulnerable and fragile you are, to realize just how easily you could get lost, or hurt, and be hundreds of miles from any sort of help.

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More logging appeared imminent because vandalized landscapes, just like homes with broken windows, tend to invite more abuse.” Andrew Nikiforuk. This tells it all, whether oil and gas, logging, OHVs etc. already exist, then it seems governments are gung ho to keep going and open it all up to more activity and abuse. . . and why we need AWA more than ever.
- Cliff Wallis
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