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AWA written submission for AUC renewables inquiry

November 21, 2023

In response to the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) inquiry into the ongoing economic, orderly and efficient development of electricity generation in Alberta – Module A, Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) has submitted comments outlining our concerns and suggestions for the ongoing development and transition to renewable energy. Our full responses to the comment matrix can be found here, and our letter is available here. These responses are also available on the AUC’s eFiling System under Proceeding 28501.

The main points proposed in our written submissions are:

  • Siting must avoid sensitive and endangered habitats;
  • Projects should not occur on migratory pathways;
  • Brownfields and already disturbed lands are prioritized for development;
  • Crown Land is managed for the benefit of all Albertans;
  • Industry remains responsible for maintenance and remediation costs; and
  • A comprehensive framework for renewable energy needs to be developed.

While AWA supports increasing renewable energy generation and transitioning away from reliance on oil and gas, this transition must occur respecting landscape health and wildlife.

It is my belief that Non-profit organizations like the Alberta Wilderness Association provide a clear framework that creates opportunities for Albertans to actively participate in the protection of their provinces resources.
- Chelsea Caswell, Student, University of Lethbridge
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