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Where are Alberta Caribou Range Plans and Protected Areas?

March 1, 2017

March 2017 Wildlands Advocate article, by Carolyn Campbell

In June 2016, the Alberta government made a significant, high profile commitment to Alberta’s threatened population of woodland caribou. It declared that its woodland caribou recovery actions would include “providing permanent protection to an additional 1.8 million hectares of caribou range in the Chinchaga, Bischto, Yates and Caribou Mountains ranges.” New protected areas were a key component in the government’s June 2016 Alberta’s Caribou Action Plan. That plan also declared: “We are committed to achieving self sustaining caribou populations. We cannot and will not abandon them to history.”

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With rare exception cattle ranchers have been the best of guardians of the land entrusted to them. May we continue to be conscientious caretakers of this precious resource and hand it on to another generation unspoiled.
- Gerald Brewin, Rancher in the Taber area 1929 - 2016
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