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Wild Spaces 2020

October 1, 2018

Photo: N. Douglas

From our mountains, to boreal forests and grasslands, Alberta has an amazing number of wild spaces that we cherish and take pride in. Unfortunately, many of these areas are not protected and are at risk of being lost.

In 2010, Canada committed to conserving at least “17% of terrestrial areas and inland waters” by 2020 through networks of protected areas and other conservation measures. This is known as Aichi Target 11 under the United Nations Convention for Biological Diversity. Progress in achieving this target has been glacial: from 2010 to 2016, Canada only added 1% to its protected areas network.

Why are protected places important?
Protected places create safe havens for forests, grasslands, wetlands and oceans to recover without disruption from poorly considered industrial, agricultural and residential development.

Protected areas also provide habitat for wildlife species like grizzlies, wolves, caribou and trout.Currently, 50% of Canada’s wildlife species are in decline.

Wild Spaces 2020 is AWA’s campaign to celebrate Alberta’s amazing wild spaces and a call to protect them for future generations to enjoy. Our campaign works in partnership with other organizations to ensure that Canada is not only held to this promise, but aims to exceed it by the 2020 deadline.

How can you get involved?
Start by writing a letter asking federal and provincial governments to live up to their international commitment to protect 17% of Canada’s landscapes and 10% of our oceans by 2020. Public support is the key to ensuring Canada meets Target 11 by 2020.

Do you have a photo of your favourite wild space? Post it to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the tag #wildspaces2020 for a chance to be featured.

For more information on Protected Places visit our website.

Keep an eye out for the #wildspaces2020 hashtag on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to stay updated!

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