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Logging Proceeds in Star Creek Valley

December 30, 2014

20141224_star_creek_logging_dmacintyre (Small).jpg

Despite repeated expressions of community angst and serious environmental concerns, ESRD (Forestry Division), the University of Alberta, and Canfor have begun to log the Star Creek basin. Logging began a few days before Christmas. Earlier this month, a haul-road approximately 10 km in length was constructed into the Star Creek valley from the Travel Alberta, Travel Information Centre. The haul-road crosses Girardi Creek before entering the Star Creek valley, site of the logging operation. Both streams are home to threatened pure-strain westslope cutthroat trout. The haul-road, seen to be actively channeling muddy water into Girardi Creek, fails to meet proper setbacks and other appropriate mitigation measures. AWA and other groups have written several letters of concern to ESRD’s Forestry Division, the University of Alberta and Canfor, but the logging has proceeded unabated.

20141224_star_creek_logging_dmacintyre(3) (Small).jpg
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