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AWA News Release: Dysfunctional Caribou Mountains Committee Needs Overhaul

April 12, 2006

AWA News Release: The Caribou Mountains Wildland Park Planning Advisory Committee’s (CMWPPAC) letter sent to the Alberta Government demanding that Wildland Park status be revoked falsely represents some members’ views, showing the committee is dysfunctional and needs an overhaul. The committee was commissioned by Alberta to make management recommendations but has turned that privilege into a lobby effort to have Wildland Park status revoked and motorized access allowed.

There is an urgent need to engage people with nature. All aspects of it. Not just the pretty bears and cute snakes. Also the realities of it, the death, struggles, and pain. Not only are people losing touch with nature, they are losing touch with the realities of nature.
- Clayton Lamb, January 2018
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