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Sage Hen Population Shows Steady Decline Northeastern Nevada

June 1, 1954

Article from the June/July 1954 issue of the Nevada Fish and Game Bulletin discussing issues related to sage-grouse population declines in that state.

“In the areas where this grouse is most widespread, that is, northeastern Nevada, the population has shown a steady decline since 1950. The decrease of adult birds between 1951 and 1952 was about 50 to 60 percent; however, a good hatch in 1952 gave us a high enough population to permit a season. The size of this hatch was reflected in a 36 percent increase in adult birds in 1953, but the loss of most of our 1953 broods resulted in the over-all population showing a decrease of about 39 percent, and no open season was held. The strutting ground surveys during the past two months have shown a decrease of over 40 percent from the spring of 1953, and a population estimated at about 10 percent of the 1949 level. This decrease is in spite of the closed season in 1953.”

When citizens and their representatives in government fail to place a high value on wilderness as a resource in itself, then its disappearance – especially in reasonably accessible locations – is swift and certain.
- Bruce M. Litteljohn and Douglas H. Pimlott, “Why Wilderness?”, 1971
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