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Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan

December 1, 2015

Wild Lands Advocate update from December 2015 by Joanna Skrajny, Conservation Specialist.

The Government of Alberta announced its Climate Leadership Plan on November 22, 2015. For Alberta it is a sweeping plan. Its highlights include a phase-out of coal fired electricity by 2030 coupled with a transition to 30 percent renewable electricity generation, an overall cap – increased from today’s levels to 100 million tonnes for the oil sands, an economy-wide price on carbon, and a strategy to reduce methane emissions by 45 percent by 2025.

To read the full update, click here:Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan (Dec 2015 WLA)

Keephills Generating Station PHOTO: © I. URQUHART

Keephills Generating Station PHOTO: © I. URQUHART

In the past I've seen chaos in the hills. And because I study cumulative effects, I know that everything is related. So I've come to realize that there is a big picture and we won't get there unless we plan along the way.
- Roger Creasey
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