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Red Tape Reduction Raises Red Flags

September 26, 2022

Wild Lands Advocate article by: Nathaniel Schmidt, AWA Director

Click here for a pdf version of the article.

Bill 21, the Red Tape Reduction Act, is the latest piece of legislation from the Alberta Government that promises to streamline bureaucratic processes across a variety of provincial government responsibilities, while putting the management of our public lands at risk. This Act follows the earlier Red Tape Reduction Implementation Acts (receiving royal assent in 2019, 2020 and 2021) that similarly pledged to eliminate bureaucracy under the guise of efficiency and economic freedom.

When citizens and their representatives in government fail to place a high value on wilderness as a resource in itself, then its disappearance – especially in reasonably accessible locations – is swift and certain.
- Bruce M. Litteljohn and Douglas H. Pimlott, “Why Wilderness?”, 1971
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