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Sponsor the 2023 BioBlitz in the Cardinal Divide!

The Cardinal Divide Conservation Coalition, which AWA is a member of, is gearing up for a BioBlitz in the Cardinal Divide and Whitehorse Wildland Provincial Park region on July 1416 this summer, supported by the Alberta Conservation Association! This will involve a group of biologists, botanists, and environmental organizations invested in the ecological integrity of the region searching and recording observations of all species in the region.

Coalition members are from several environmental groups in the province, including the Alberta Native Plant Council, Whitehorse Wildland Provincial Park Stewards, Plant Watch Alberta, Alberta Wilderness Association, and CPAWS Northern Alberta.

The Goal

The main goal of the BioBlitz is to generate useful data on the biodiversity of the area that can be used for science and conservation.

Part of the region of interest has recently been submitted for consideration to become a Key Biodiversity Area.

That’s partly because of the presence of Porsild’s Bryum Moss — a brilliant green and spongy moss found on shaded or exposed cliffs in association with waterfalls or seepy cliffs. It’s ranked as an Imperiled species globally; in Alberta, it’s ranked as Endangered. There have also been several other unique species found in the area.

The Coalition believes the moss and other unique species could be found beyond the submitted KBA boundary. If more occurrences of Porsild’s Bryum Moss are found during the BioBlitz, it could potentially inform a boundary expansion for the KBA under the next review.

Additionally, we would like to draw greater attention and appreciation to the special characteristics of the region.

Photo by Kristen Andersen

Photo by Kristen Andersen

Coal mining activities, along with recreational interests heavily impact the region. A secondary goal of this bioblitz is to collect communications materials for the region to better educate the public about the area and possibly inform future land use planning processes.

The BioBlitz is a fantastic way to connect experts in botany, field biology, and rocky mountain species with eager members of the public, student groups, and nature enthusiasts in an experiential learning event. Events like these provide ample information that can be used to create exciting educational and engaging materials to be shared with the general public, thus expanding the reach and impact of Bioblitz.

Our Needs

The Coalition came up with a list of equipment needs ranging from microscopes and hand lenses, mobile internet, traps, nets, tarps binoculars, power bars and much more.

It was determined the event will require about $9,000.

Anyone interested in donating funds for this event may do so below.

Thank you for your generous support!


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