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Becoming Better Neighbours – Coexistence with Wildlife and Wild Spaces

August 4, 2022

Wild Lands Advocate article by: Nathaniel Schmidt, AWA Director

Click here for a pdf version of the article.

The places humans live aren’t often top of mind when we think about protecting wild spaces and wildlife. For centuries, our Western European culture has seen nature as somewhere “out there,” separate from our own “civilised” habits. Nature was something to be controlled, harnessed, resisted and sometimes even feared. It was not to be welcomed into our communities. This mentality has been reflected in the European cultures of past centuries, where the natural world was a source of aesthetic beauty, but quickly disposed of when it got in the way of what we see as progress.

No public hearings are scheduled. Only one Alberta organization, the Alberta Wilderness Association, is independent enough that it continues championing public land and the people's right of access to it. So people must speak individually, as they have so many times before, directly to the premier, the minister of Sustainable Resource Development and their MLA, and remind them of what public land means to all of us, that none of it is surplus to our needs, that we do not want it sold.
- Bob Scammell, 2003
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