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AWA to Sundre Forest Products on Proposed VOITS for 2013 Forest Mgt. Planning Process

August 16, 2013

August 16, 2013

Mr. Tom Daniels
Forestry Superintendent
Sundre Forest Products
Hwy 584 West, Bag #1
Sundre, AB T0M 1X0
Sent via E-Mail:

Proposed Sundre Forest Products VOITs for 2013 Forest Management Planning Process

Dear Mr. Daniels :

Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) welcomes this opportunity to identify and request the following VOITs (Values, Objectives, Indicators and Targets) of importance to us as stakeholders in Sundre Forest Products (SFP) Forest Management Planning process.

As you know, AWA has long advocated for ecosystem-based forest management in Alberta. Sundre Forest Products’ Forest Management Agreement (FMA) area in the headwaters of the Red Deer and North Saskatchewan watersheds is ecologically very important for the health of these two watersheds and for its valuable wildlife habitat.

Thank you for considering the VOITs proposed on the following pages. We look forward to follow up engagement and discussions as SFP’s forest management planning proceeds.



Carolyn Campbell

Conservation Specialist


To read a full pdf of the letter, click here

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