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Article: Predator Bounties Cause Animal Suffering and Compromise Wildlife Conservation Efforts

October 19, 2015

Click to read a paper that analyses the predation bounty programs in Western Canada. The authors recommend “that government agencies should not permit the implementation of bounty programs. Accordingly, they must develop conservation programs that will minimize wildlife-human conflicts, prevent the unnecessary and inhumane killing of animals, and ensure persistence of all wildlife species.”

Animals 2015 5

Proulx, G. and Rodtka, D. (2015). Predator Bounties in Western Canada Cause Animal Suffering and Compromise Wildlife Conservation Efforts. Animals 5, 1034-1046. doi:10.3390/ani5040397

I love bears and the wildlands where they live. Bears have fascinated me, scared me ‘til my heart pounded, and inspired me… They have helped me to learn about the diversity of life on earth and how nature works.
- Dr. Steven Herrero
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