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Coffee and Conversation Mark the Beginning of the Sage-grouse Partnership

March 4, 2013

AWA was pleased to meet with landholders in Manyberries to discuss the future of Sage-grouse, grasslands and ranching communities!

As part of a new Sage-grouse Partnership initiative, AWA met with ranchers and landowners from the Manyberries area on March 4, 2013.  34 folks shared their extensive knowledge of grasslands, sage-grouse, range management and concerns about the future of prairie species and ranching communities. The ongoing commitment and dedication of these grasslands stewards remains a critical component in ensuring the future of healthy native prairie habitat. AWA appreciated the engaging discussion on issues affecting our grasslands and the people who work every day protecting them. We look forward to meeting again in the coming months as we identify ways to work together for the future of sage-grouse and other endangered grassland species.

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