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2005 Dawn Dickinson

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Conservationist Relishes Ups and Downs of Advocacy Role

2005 Dawn Dickinson

2005 Dawn Dickinson - Wild Lands Advocate 2005-08

2005 Dawn Dickinson

Lethbridge-born, raised in the U.K., Dawn Dickinson is a fearless environmentalist, combining tenacity with grace and humour. Since 1989, she has served as a dedicated volunteer for conservation, particularly in the Medicine Hat region. With a masters in zoology from the University of Alberta at age 46, she worked as a biologist and travelled throughout the North. She received a Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference Award in 2004. Her efforts helped create the Suffield National Wildlife Area and led to the Meridian Dam’s cancellation. She’s also used painting, photography, writing and movie scripts to express her love of the natural landscape.

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