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2004 Valerius Geist

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Wildlife Scientist Devotes Rich Life to Educating the Public

2004 Valerius Geist

2004 Valerius Geist - Wild Lands Advocate 2004-10

2004 Valerius Geist

USSR-born, raised in Germany and Austria, Valerius Geist has an unquenchable passion for knowledge. During 27 years at the University of Calgary, this courageous conservationist determinedly brought science into public policy debate. He has spoken out, whether against game ranching or for preserving mountain sheep. He has written 16 books, some best sellers. With a BSc in zoology and a PhD in ethology from the University of British Columbia, he did post-doctoral work at Seewiesen, Germany. Using an inter-disciplinary approach, he taught environmental science and human biology. A second line of teaching and research centred on policies for wildlife conservation and large-mammal biology.

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